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House Viewing

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Marketing and Bookings of Holiday and Short-term Rentals

Earn a return from your investment when you on holiday or away for extended periods of time!

We all need extra cash to either help pay off our bond, to use it to maintain and upgrade our properties annually or help pay for our holiday upcountry or overseas. Unlike an Airbnb booking, a deposit is paid upfront and on booking (usually months in advance of occupation) and the balance payment is usually made prior to guest arrival.

Feel at ease with Hillyhomes

Keeping the business small and personal is what sets Hillyhomes apart from other agents and online sites like Airbnb. I live and work in the area taking me just 5 minutes to attend to any crisis if necessary.

My motivation and passion in booking and managing your rental is a hands-on approach to ensure that your holiday home is looked after and respected during the rental period. I view your home as if it were my own and I am there every step of the process to ensure that when you return home after the guests have vacated, that you find it just as it should be.

I want you to feel at ease with leaving your property in my hands, want you to have a hassle free holiday of your own with no calls from guests seeking to solve problems and work on a strict vetting policy of guests.  When I add your property, it too must comply with certain standard criteria to ensure guests expectations are responsibly managed and fulfilled.

Holiday Home Matching

I am sure when you are planning your annual holiday, accommodation is one of the most important factors.  Are you getting what you pay for, is the cleanliness up to scratch, are the pictures recent and reflective of what I can expect?

This is important part of what I do – I try to get an understanding of the potential guests lifestyle to match that with the house, ask their expectations and attempt to match make the two, to strive for happy guests and happy homeowners. Ensuring and checking that your house is not over-subscribed with guests with hidden people or pets is also vital in wear/tear on your home and keeping your costs in line with the rental income.

Professional Images, Online Visibility and Marketing Channels

​Keeping in touch and ensuring professional and updated images and information is important which I do at my cost (all images are watermarked and used for HillyHomes use only.

Keeping my website updated, social media channels open, active and engaging are important in creating a need to get your home rented and keeping in touch with past, present, and potential guests and encourage direct bookings. Having a dedicated person deal with this will ensure greater exposure of your home.

Constant email promotional material to my past guest database is important in keeping them informed of your property and the highlights, changes, improvements happening in our beautiful village.


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Hospitality Management

Prepping your home for rental

​Having rented my own home out and having a hands-on approach, I understand the biggest stress, headache and hard work for you is prepping and cleaning your home to an acceptable standard for guests.

I have worked hard at preparing guidelines and checklists to help you prepare your home for a holiday rental.

I have recently partnered with a network of super reliable service providers who are all part of a business network that promised sot work according to sound code of ethics and competitive rates.

​I will provide each property with a comprehensive and bound Home Manual for guests which help combat breakages, guide staff, provide guests with valuable information to ensure a trouble-free rental.

Guest management and reviews

​First impressions are lasting impressions and, in any business, your front-line person is vital and that’s ME. I not only get excited in meeting the guests but make it my mission to try and set a relaxed and happy tone for their holiday. 

One of the most important aspects is preparing for guest arrival. New guests to any property usually have many questions and I find by knowing your house intimately and being able to guide them, they can begin their holiday with confidence and no fuss. Through my years of experience, I know some little things and small touches which I add, do make a big impact on that first impression. Believe me, many hours can be spend waiting for arrival of guests – guests’ planes being delayed, car hire Qs, traffic congestion, en-route shopping stops.

Throughout your rental, my hand-on, personal approach and 24/7 on call service and close proximity to my houses, means that all questions, emergencies are managed swiftly and efficiently.  Living in the area and being part of the community allows me, through my in-depth knowledge of the area and places to go, provide local information on what to do and where to go.

All this means, better reviews and potentially, repeat guests.  Your returning guests are GOLD!

No risk propositions, fees & rates

​I believe in a pay-for performance model and seek to find a win-win situation for you the property owner and the guest and negotiating the best deal possible.  There are no sign -up fees or listing fees. I always strive, to find a win-win situation when negotiating rentals and fees. All booking fees are inclusive of management fees during the duration of each rental.


Property Management of your Home

Property Management of properties has always been a service offered by Hillyhomes for overseas homeowners.

Ensuring that your property is in safe hands while you away is key, ensuring that all elements of your home are maintained and cared for and that you are communicated with regularly.

 Regular inspection of  the property, making recommendations on improvements, scheduling and oversee all necessary maintenance and servicing of garden and swimming pool.  Handle any security issues and armed response if your property is vacant and provide a regular cleaning service.

I will ensure that on your return to your holiday home, it is ready, spotless, and waiting…

My Partners

All my partnered suppliers are part of an active business network that promises to work according to a sound code of ethics.

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